Frequently Asked Questions

Typically on-stock merchandise is ready for shipment within 24 hours upon order-placement. Orders reaching Santec prior to 11 a.m. will be despatched the same day. Articles listed in the catalogs are not all on stock. If you order an article for the first time, please check for its terms of delivery. If follow-up orders were agreed upon, Santec will increase its stock accordingly.

The premium contrast needle is characterised by its consistent sharpness due to the special composition of the steel and its high bending strength due to the modified needle cross-section. The optimized surface coating also ensures improved gliding properties.

The black coating and the resulting improved visibility also make the premium contrast needle ideal for difficult anastomotic sutures or other problematic applications. Premium contrast needles are available for thread sizes from USP 8-0 to 3-0.

As a special service, Santec also offers the complete range of sutures in the application-specific TopSets. The individual arrangement of the suture materials is coordinated with the user for the special intervention.

In addition to saving time during surgery preparation, the TopSet also simplifies enrichment for complex surgical procedures.

Both parameters are significant quality measures which depend on the utilized steel. Typically, hard steel is brittle and needles using hard steel break more easily than needles made from softer, more elastic steel.

Elasticity, however, may have a negative impact on the insufficient flexural strength in certain applications. This is why Santec uses a special steel that combines the physical advantages of a geometrical needle profile design with a special coating to create a highperformance needle with optimal flexural strength and fracture strength properties. In addition, those needles possess superb penetration performance which is of utmost importance when operating in calcified vascular tissue.

Pledgets are also referred to as seam abutments. The function of a pledget is comparable to that of a washer for pressure distribution. This prevents the thread from cutting into the tissue or injuring vessels.

Pledgets support and protect the fabric; they consist of PTFE compressed into felt or an ePTFE membrane.

Our company is certified according to EN ISO 13485 and Directive 93/42/EEC.